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Can I Add Coolant To A Hot Engine

Can I Add Coolant To A Hot Engine, Can You Put Coolant In Your Car When It's Hot, 796.88 kB, 00:34, 240, SMART Christmas, 2018-11-25T07:40:20.000000Z, 19, How to Check Chevy Coolant Level | Add Coolant,, 1040 x 780, jpeg, So, if the engine is hot, open the hood and wait until it cools down. If you don’t have the time you’ll have to wait at least until it’s warm. If the engine is already cold, proceed to the next step. Find the coolant expansion tank (coolant bootle) this is the first step in order to learn how to add engine coolant to your car. , 20, can-i-add-coolant-to-a-hot-engine, Graphy Images