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Can You Drink Out Of Resin Shot Glass

Can You Drink Out Of Resin Shot Glass, RESIN SHOT GLASS 🤩, 4.21 MB, 03:04, 1,653, Irish Racion, 2021-01-31T13:30:03.000000Z, 19, 2 X Jumbo LED Flashing Light Cup Shot Drink Plastic Glass On Off Party,, 1000 x 1000, jpeg, I have seen a few tutorials on making wine bottles into glasses, but i have no experience with this. That being said the resin obsession super clear resin is food safe when fully cured, so you could use it for this purpose. What i cant tell you is whether or not the resin would stick well to the glass. Our resin is not a doming resin, so i dont. , 20, can-you-drink-out-of-resin-shot-glass, Graphy Images