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Is K-means An Example Of A Deterministic Algorithm?

Is K-means An Example Of A Deterministic Algorithm?, StatQuest: K-means clustering, 11.7 MB, 08:31, 964,046, StatQuest with Josh Starmer, 2018-05-23T20:18:55.000000Z, 19, Complexity & P,, 784 x 458, png, For example, it depends on the number of bedrooms, number of kitchen, number of bathrooms, the year the house was built, and the square footage of the lot. Given these factors, predicting the selling price of the house is an example of _____ task. Of the following examples, which would you address using an supervised learning algorithm? The algorithm will categorize the items into k groups or clusters of similarity. , 20, is-k-means-an-example-of-a-deterministic-algorithm, Graphy Images